The place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Because The Moments Cannot Be Wasted

On this, our last full and real weekend together before the summer hits in full force, we needed to make the most of every moment.

Saturday, after said run...we (and by we, I really mean Ben) got right to work...

We needed to get stuff know, home owner stuff so the place doesn't fall to pieces over the summer.

We needed helpers to work efficiently and help get the job done.

We figured the road needed a bit of sprucing up, too. And, all work with no play makes for a dull, boring weekend.

I simply enjoyed the view.

Sunday, a work-free day around here - always - was watergun initiation day.

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will leave you with these...

Saturday, May 30, 2009

To My Faithful Fuel Belt

Dear Fuel Belt and your partner in crime Gatorade,

I sincerely apologize for ever doubting your essential help on long training runs. You have served me well through my last two really long endeavors.

And to my new best friend Gatorade - you truly are the silent hero. While water is my lifelong companion, you really outdid yourself today. The 28.5 km wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable without your blue, frosty help.

You two are a match made in heaven.

See you next week.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Locked In

I thought I should update my Marathon status.

Yes, I am registered.

Locked in.

Signed. Sealed. And (Nearly) Delivered.

There's no turning back.

I have even booked my hotel room the night before - Paul's Motor Inn...yes, it is as luxurious as it sounds, ah hem. You know what - it has a bed, a shower, and a crapper. Really, what else could a girl ask for.

And my fundraising status you ask?

Well, I am excited and encouraged to say that I am close to reaching my minimum goal. That said, I would much prefer to attain more than simply the minimum.

So...if you could dig down deep and pull out a few of those hard earned dollar bills..oh wait, we don't print dollar bills anymore? Well, a five would do. A ten would be awesome. And twenty...well, that would be like pledging approximately $0.50/km. I would be ever so grateful.

If you don't recall what the fundraising is for, other than it is through our agency in Victoria then you can read here...or here to find out more.

And, as a side note I have been very inspired. The majority who have financially supported me are really stretching your buck. And isn't it incredible how the tighter we hold on to our material goods, the harder they seem to come by. Yet, the more readily we give them away and challenge ourselves, the more blessed we are.

Seriously, to all those who have supported me thank you a million-fold. I am motivated, encouraged, inspired, uplifted, comforted, driven, and truly truly touched by your giving.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby. Boom.

As of this morning, I now personally know 10 people (friends/cousins) who are expecting a baby sometime between August and Christmas Day.
Seriously, what is in the air??

Dear God

I am really really happy for our friends and family who are expecting their first or second children. Truly, these creations are each and every one in themselves miracles.

However, we have been working on our adoption for almost 15 months now. We have been waiting for over 8 months.
I know it's a lot to ask but if there is any way to could help make the time pass quickly and give us a referral before I expect it, that would be so incredible.

This waiting and watching time pass is really hard.
I know it is your desire to keep us on this path but sometimes it is really really trying.

Thank you for the excitement in our boys' voice when they talk of their baby sister.
I know Your timing was predetermined thousands of years ago...but if I could join this crowd who will welcome a new little one into their family soon, that would be so wonderful.

Thanks God.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sprinklers Of My Childhood

One of the fondest memories I have of growing up is that of the simple childhood experiences. You know, the ones that were free. The times we didn't have to go anywhere to experience hours of laughter. The days that ended with exhausted little bodies crashing in bed by 8pm.

I want my kids to experience that.

At Qwanoes we use a slogan all the time whereby we exclaim that:

We Want Kids To Be Kids

I think this phenomenon is lost in today's world of cell phones, internet, computer games, and technology in general.

So today I took our boys back in time. We re-visited one of my wamest (not literally!) memories of summer holidays.

I can't wait to do this with three.

May today's experience encourage you to seek simplicity in your summer.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Before starting our adoption journey and this quest we've found ourselves embracing, I never read blogs. I never contemplated starting one. Actually, I opposed the idea when Ben suggested it to me several years ago.

It's too complicated.

No one will ever look at it.

I wouldn't know where to start, if I were to set one up.

I would likely forget to post and therefore it would just be a waste of time to try even getting one going.

As this process continued I found more and more people referring me to their (adoption) blog. They are mildly addictive, aren't they?! A peek at a family's life, through this window seemed opportune. What a fabulous way to get a glimpse of what we'd be in for.

I have learned not only about other families' reasons for adopting but also their hearts. The first two questions the general public voice when one announces the decision to adoption are...
  1. Why not just have another the same way you had the first two?
  2. Why Ethiopia (or whatever the family's country of choice may be)?
While we all have our own reasons and they vary immensely, I have found a very common thread between all us adoptive families.

Though we adopt from all regions, countries, and continents of this planet there is one thing that links us.

Even if we don't have a common belief we are connected.

Regardless of the adoptive family's race, socio-economic status, or hometown, there's a shared phenomenon.

In spite of our roots...or maybe it is because of our roots...

...we all hold a great similarity.

We Are All Normal Average-Joe Folk.


Have you ever checked out adoption blogs?

Ever read up on families who have shared their story on an adoption agency website?

Honest to goodness, we are all just plain and simple normal.

Some of us have more money. Most of us have to scrimp and save. Some of us may have tempers. Others of us may find humour in the bumps of this journey. Many of us may find the injustice to the children we seek to be simply too much. Most of us cling to the hope and knowledge that our child was pre-destined to join our family and so now we simply hold our breath and wait...confidently, we wait.

You see? We're all normal.

We are normal, ordinary people following an extraordinary path. It's full of bumps, potholes, poison ivy, and wild flowers.

It's grueling somedays and breath-taking on others.

But we're all just people. No one better. No one less so.

We all get out of bed and put our pants on one foot at a time.

I Love Normal.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fuller Lake

Me: Boys, would you like to go to the LAKE this morning?

Boys: Yaaa. Blast off!! (Don't ask - it's a bit of a long, silly story.)

We had such a great time at Fuller this morning. With Daddy at an all weekend workshop, we (read: I) were (was) determined not to get cabin fever or simply wish the weekend away. The only thing that would have made our morning more fun would have been going as a family of 4. (Well, actually 5...but these things take time, apparently.)

So, we gathered all beach-worthy items.

Headed out...full speed ahead, once we caught sight of the water!

We had an incredible time acquiring new skills while watching kayakers.

Learning how not to drown.
(No kidding, there's a guy under there...skirted to his kayak and everything.)

Seeing how much air one small child really can get.
(Apparently, the guy made it out from under his kayak.)

Practicing our cuteness.

Splashing - oh, the splashing.

Prepping for Sand Castles.

All good sand-castle-building-sand needs to be wet, you know.

Chasing ducks.
Oh, those dumb, dumb ducks.
How close did they really need to come?

Covering Mama in sand.

Self-portraits - you know, to prove I really was there.

And face paint.
What is a trip to the lake without face paint?
It boasts zero sunscreening abilities.
It's just run of the mill face paint - but it makes for a cute cat, ah hem, kid...
...don't ya think?

Pondering in the beauty of the lake...while taking a rest from all that hard playing.

And because the day wasn't quite full enough, we thought an afternoon playdate was in order. Guess who wears the pants in this friendship?