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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fuller Lake

Me: Boys, would you like to go to the LAKE this morning?

Boys: Yaaa. Blast off!! (Don't ask - it's a bit of a long, silly story.)

We had such a great time at Fuller this morning. With Daddy at an all weekend workshop, we (read: I) were (was) determined not to get cabin fever or simply wish the weekend away. The only thing that would have made our morning more fun would have been going as a family of 4. (Well, actually 5...but these things take time, apparently.)

So, we gathered all beach-worthy items.

Headed out...full speed ahead, once we caught sight of the water!

We had an incredible time acquiring new skills while watching kayakers.

Learning how not to drown.
(No kidding, there's a guy under there...skirted to his kayak and everything.)

Seeing how much air one small child really can get.
(Apparently, the guy made it out from under his kayak.)

Practicing our cuteness.

Splashing - oh, the splashing.

Prepping for Sand Castles.

All good sand-castle-building-sand needs to be wet, you know.

Chasing ducks.
Oh, those dumb, dumb ducks.
How close did they really need to come?

Covering Mama in sand.

Self-portraits - you know, to prove I really was there.

And face paint.
What is a trip to the lake without face paint?
It boasts zero sunscreening abilities.
It's just run of the mill face paint - but it makes for a cute cat, ah hem, kid...
...don't ya think?

Pondering in the beauty of the lake...while taking a rest from all that hard playing.

And because the day wasn't quite full enough, we thought an afternoon playdate was in order. Guess who wears the pants in this friendship?

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Steve Tait said...

What a wonderful day - so full of great moments!