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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weeks In Review

It's been busy around here with International Guests and Athletes entering and exiting the revolving door that has become our house.

In all seriousness, we have been busy with comers and goers but they've been family. And it's been great.

After Run For One Planet invaded Crofton for a night, they continued up to Powell River then onto Vancouver where they were police escorted across the Lion's Gate Bridge. This destination marked the end of their One Year, 17,700km run around all of North America. If anyone's keeping track, this would be the first time in 14 yrs (or is it 17 yrs?) that a lane has been closed down to allow for someone on foot to cross. I digress: Rick Hansen was in motion, just not on foot.

Impressive eh?

Following this feat, Matt and Steph were officially recognized not only with this plaque but with it's announcement that May now holds a recognized Run For One Planet Day in the city of Vancouver. Thanks Mr Mayor.

In other news, our (my) Mother's Day was a little different that one would expect. After leaving our kids with their grand-parents, (thereby blessing my Mum with the presence of her two grand-kids) and high-tailing it out of here first thing Mother's Day, the two of us celebrated alone. Off for a getaway which included a night in Victoria (an anniversary gift cashed in) we had a great did they!

Now it's back to "life as usual" which is anything but usual around here during this time of year and season. Spring is here and Summer is lurking somewhere around the next corner.

While there is no actual, tangible new news on the adoption front...

There Is Hope

Things are progressively picking up: referrals, passed court dates, visas and travel are on the horizon and many are enjoying the results...Family United Forever.

Our turn is still a ways off but I feel renewed excitement and anticipation for what is to come.


Lola said...

wow, great pictures. I can't believe they are done. What a year.

I can't wait to see you guys. Anna kate talks about it everyday.

Pops said...

It was great fun being able to spend so much time with you, and being reunited with all our family at one time! Thanks for making that possible!!