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Saturday, May 23, 2009


We've made it to eight months. And this one flew by.

I'm excited because it's hot, sunny, and I know the months will continue to fly by. Before we know it, we'll need a quick update on our homestudy and then the summer will feel like a dream.

And, then our dream will become reality.

This month held a few exciting updates.

Referrals still seem to be coming in after about a 12 month wait. So, while this is still double the timeline originally estimated for us, I'm happy to know that it's holding.

Ethiopian courts close every summer for about 2 months. This is either July/August or August/September. We found out the other day that it's looking like they will close August 5. So, sometime early October they should reopen. Though this doesn't mean anything for a referral, it does mean that if/when we receive a referral while the courts are closed we will have to wait for them to re-open before having our adoption heard. I can live with that.

And of course at the top of the list of "happy days" was the homestudy information just earlier this week.

We can tell the boys are becoming more and more aware of the wait (and imminent arrival) of their newest sibling. Ben and Noah went to get their hair cut the other morning. Our hair dresser is a sweet lady who works out of her home. Noah loves her - partly because she is so kind and I'm sure partly because she always gives him cookies at the end of his cut. (Imagine my cringing at this moment.) The other day they returned home and Noah instead, had a small bag of mini marshmallows.

"They are for me, and Tait, and we will save some for our Baby Sister, Mama" he told me.

Ben later told me they hadn't talked about this at all when in the car together.

We've been spending much time outside over the past few days...

Visiting with a childhood friend (of mine) who is starring in the lead female role at the Chemainus Theatre this summer!

Covering ourselves in stickers from school.

Stalking, ah hem, watching caterpillars inch their way to freedom.

Face Painting.
(Ok, so my artistic face painting skills may need a little practice.)

Today may hold a trip to the lake.

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