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Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Day Before...

On the day before we celebrate Mother's Day, I feel it is very important to highlight the value of today.

Did you know that the day before Mother's Day is actually Birthmother's Day?


And while us mothers work our hind ends off, birthmothers make the sacrifice of a lifetime to give us others the opportunity and privilege of a lifetime.

Today is a day to acknowledge, and honor, women who gave birth and placed their children for adoption.

And I am going to do just that.

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Sharon said...

I did not know that today was birth mother's day.
I have a birth mother and I am very thankful she had me and not kill me as she could have.
My three boys would not be in this world or my four grandchildren by them. I have one granddaughter that is on her way via Ben and Ashleigh by adoption and hopefully two more grandsons via Tim when he marries Shelley. They will be loved like the four who are of my blood. For they are of my heart all ready.
Just think of how the world would be different if birth mothers didn't give their children up for adoption. Some of the people who have made a big difference in the world are children who were given up for adoption.
God made each and ever one of us for a purpose. We are all here for a reason. And if my reason is my boys and their off springs that is very good reason to me.
There is so many people I know of who are or have been touch by adoption.
So mums there is a reason you are going to have a baby and I know that God has a very special reason for them being born in this world. Give God the chance to let your child be one to find the cure to cancer or some of the many other diseases. Save some other children from war. Be a mother Theresa.