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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Baby. Boom.

As of this morning, I now personally know 10 people (friends/cousins) who are expecting a baby sometime between August and Christmas Day.
Seriously, what is in the air??

Dear God

I am really really happy for our friends and family who are expecting their first or second children. Truly, these creations are each and every one in themselves miracles.

However, we have been working on our adoption for almost 15 months now. We have been waiting for over 8 months.
I know it's a lot to ask but if there is any way to could help make the time pass quickly and give us a referral before I expect it, that would be so incredible.

This waiting and watching time pass is really hard.
I know it is your desire to keep us on this path but sometimes it is really really trying.

Thank you for the excitement in our boys' voice when they talk of their baby sister.
I know Your timing was predetermined thousands of years ago...but if I could join this crowd who will welcome a new little one into their family soon, that would be so wonderful.

Thanks God.

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