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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sprinklers Of My Childhood

One of the fondest memories I have of growing up is that of the simple childhood experiences. You know, the ones that were free. The times we didn't have to go anywhere to experience hours of laughter. The days that ended with exhausted little bodies crashing in bed by 8pm.

I want my kids to experience that.

At Qwanoes we use a slogan all the time whereby we exclaim that:

We Want Kids To Be Kids

I think this phenomenon is lost in today's world of cell phones, internet, computer games, and technology in general.

So today I took our boys back in time. We re-visited one of my wamest (not literally!) memories of summer holidays.

I can't wait to do this with three.

May today's experience encourage you to seek simplicity in your summer.


Steve Tait said...

You might have spent nothing to experience this day, but the smiles on the boys faces are priceless!

Sharon said...

Spending nothing to have fun is the best way to do is what the boys will remember and "little one" when she arrives. That is what I remember most with Ben and his brothers...the things we did together without cost. How they would be so excited about doing them and wanting to do them more. You and Ben are going a great job.

sharona said...

thanks for the reminder...great post!

John and Andrea said...

I loved running in the sprinkler growing up. I'm glad to see that still lives on.

Sarah said...

Summertime rocks with kiddos!
This morning we had stories, art time, park time, a long walk and water play on the patio. That was just the morning! When they wake up we'll get back outside for some more!