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Friday, May 23, 2008

Food Costs Strain Efforts To Save Starving Ethiopian Children

Ok, so we have all heard about the food shortages and increase in food costs all over the world. This is a situation which is, or will affect us all sooner or later. And, of course those living in Third World Countries especially, are facing serious crisis. Becoming closer and closer to our heart and our life is obviously Ethiopia. Ranked as the 5th poorest country in the world (it was ranked 164 out of 169 countries worldwide, I believe) it's people (read "children"!!) are understanding devastation in a way we never will.

While reading a CNN article about a small Ethiopian Village, "Egu Village" just a few moments ago, I was left with goose bumps:

"Ethiopia's Health Ministry, along with UNICEF, monitors the health of thousands of children [in Egu Village] but the number of areas they have been able to regularly visit has been cut in half this year...

UNICEF estimates that 6 million Ethiopian children under the age of 5 are at risk and that more than 120,000 have only about a month to live..."

So the question remains: What are we doing about it?

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Paul said...

18 ... I'll heal them. I'll guide them and give them rest. I'll comfort them and their mourners.
19 I'll create praise on their lips: "Perfect peace to those both far and near." "I'll heal them," says the LORD.
Isaiah 57