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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Some Indulge In Chocolate, Some Crack Open A Dusty Bottle Of Bubbly

I knit?

Not that I've ever really knit before. A basic pair of mittens and scarf but really that's about it.

So, when Noah asked me to knit a scarf a couple of weeks ago I thought why not. He's always so appreciative and reminds me of his gratitude when he grabs it on his way out the door.

I'm a sewer. I love how quickly the needle zips along to form the seam of my pattern. I love that it can happen quickly and that even mistakes can be ripped out with a somewhat frustrated force, leaving the fabric ready to be re-sewn...and my patience renewed.

But I can't take the machine everywhere. I can't use it when it's not in the sewing room, with the needles, and buttons, and tape measure.

So, when Ben's parents were visiting awhile back, I handed a pattern over to his Mum and asked her what she thought. Two days later of off and on work and it was done. And I loved it.

So, when the news came of referrals actually starting up last week I had to do something. For me it's about planning and seeing tangible results and reminders of what is to come. So I picked up the same pattern, this time using larger needles and a thicker yarn. And I got to work. I climbed a learning curve and embraced it.

And when it was all done it just didn't look complete. Wonderfully exciting but not complete.

What better than a pair of baby legs to seal the deal, I thought.

I'll share more confessions of this PAP later.

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Laurie said...

sLove the knitting.I keep a basket beside the couch and whenever I need a moment of nostalgia I pick it up and remember my grandmother, Ken's mom and think of my mom. Now I can add to you to the list. Actually I think of you on a daily basis when I look at our Christmas tree. It has every and I mean every Christmas ornament the kids have made since they could hold something in their hands. Quite the conversation piece. It takes us forever to decorate the tree as we have to relive the history of each decoration; the friends they made them with, how old they were, the teacher whose idea it was or this crazy mother doing an experiment with her kids.I love that we get to recall and treasure all those moments of fun and crazyness every year. Yes those early days were exhausting like I am sure it is for you but to see the joy in my kids eyes now when talking about those times made the craziness all worth it. Enjoy each moment, treasure it,continue to be thankful for our most precious gift of our family and know we miss being so far from yours.
Lots of love and Merry Christmas