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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Kid's Got Gumption

"My name is ---- and I am in Grade 5. I am raising money to build a well in Ethiopia. I am working with and my goal is to raise $5000.

I am selling stainless steel water bottles that say "H2O for Ethiopia" on them. They come in 5 colours that are red, lime, blue, silver and smoke. I am selling them for a $20 donation. I am also selling organic and free trade coffee beans. The coffee is from the Ormomia Coffee Coop in Ethiopia and it is roasted here on Salt Spring Island at Salt Spring Coffee. I am selling 400g bags of coffee beans that are roasted weekly so they are very fresh for $15.

If you spend more than $50 the shipping is free.

There's something about kids isn't there, that makes us want to help them?

There is something that enables us to see their pure motive for what it is: pure?

There's something about the a child's passion that seems more passionate than perhaps that of a weathered adult.

There's something unhindered about a child's heart and desire to actually see the world a better, less broken place.

There's something in all that, which makes us want to give more, help more, do more, and be more, when we watch a child seek after what is good and what is right and what is bettering this thing called Life and this crisis called The Water Shortage.

I found out yesterday about a young girl who lives very near to us. She has two younger brothers, both from Ethiopia. Before going to meet them (I am guessing this was a year and a half ago) and bring them home she fundraised so she could take school supplies over with her and her parents. I just found out that she raised about $1000 in a few short weeks before her trip. She's young...perhaps 11...and while I've gone back and forth a little with her Mum I don't have those kinds of specifics.

I digress.

She's setting her sights higher this time. (See what I mean about the kid thing? An adult likely would have been happy with the past achievement...but this kid's going bigger.) She's raising money for Wells in Ethiopia. (She is partnering with WaterCan, which is a leading Canadian Charity dedicated to fighting global poverty.)

Her goal is $5000.

Again - do you see what I mean? One little girl is single handedly trying to raise $5000 and I would like to say I am confident she will achieve this goal.

This isn't just a pre-Christmas whim or gig. She'll be selling her couple items later in the year also. And, she's chosen wisely when it comes to raising money...

Stainless Waterbottles

(Ever tasted freshly roasted salt spring coffee? ever had ethiopian beans?
I can assure you this is a deadly combo...truly the best way to kick-start any day.)

Both items we all love. (And, I don't hesitate long, before I say "need" when it comes to coffee...Tait has some crazy hours as of late and if it weren't for the caffeine hit...well, let's just say coffee helps everyone around our house right now.)

Oh and the kicker? She lives just moments away. Ok, so it's on Salt Spring but really it's just moments. So if either of the above items interest you, let me know and I'll make the shipping easy on you. Call me your middle man or FedEx Girl, or friendly Postal Woman, if you want...or just spend $50 and the shipping is free to you anyway. (Contact me and I will give you a contact email address is you want to make a direct order.)

And I want to help her. Actually, I want to help families in Ethiopia who walk miles each day for water...which is more than likely not sanitary...likely you can't even see through it. I want to help them. Not just because it is a passion but because it is a responsibility of mine. And yours. And together we can actually do it. We can make a difference and help solve the world's water problem. I truly, wholeheartedly believe this.

And you know what else I wholeheartedly believe?

To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required.


Yours Truly said...

Love it love it love it. I'm in Ashleigh! Can I order 5 of the water bottles from her "through you"? Does that = $50? Shoot me an email with the details!

Thanks for sharing this opportunity!

shaunak said...

Wow! Molly is going to have a tooth pulled after school today - I suspect that coming home and seeing this post will make her feel much better! Thank you for your kind words and your support of her project. Molly will be thrilled to see that you thought she might be 11, but she will be 10 next month. Again, thank you so much for spreading the word, nothing would make us happier than to run out of bottles and need to reorder to keep this project going!

Dana said...

How can I get my hands on a water bottle and some coffee? Maybe even an extra bottle depending on cost. Can you let me know the price?

shaunak said...

Thank you for writing such a nice message about my project. That was very nice of you. My project is going really well. You can give my Mom's e-mail to anyone who wants to make an order. Thank you so much.