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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


What do you think?

Hello Imagine Families!

It seems this is a week of very good news here at Imagine!

As was communicated yesterday, we received our Ontario Ministry License
renewal early this week. We have further received word today that our
NGO license renewal in Ethiopia has been approved!

We are also very excited to inform you that we have been able to
commence the process of referrals once again!

We trust that this news brings you all a sense of relief and joy, as it
did in our office today! We recognize that there may be challenges
ahead. However, there has been much accomplished in these last several
months, and we know that the lives of these children and families, one
by one, will be forever changed!

The Board and staff continue to await the final review and approval
from BDO. The Board does not anticipate there to be any significant
issues that will arise during this process.

We send heartfelt congratulations to each one of you!


The Staff and Board of Imagine Adoption

Yes, it sent shivers down my spine too.

(And then I started to cry when I read it aloud to Ben. If you must know, yes it was the Ugly Cry.)

***since posting this 1 family has already received a sibling referral!!!***


Mel said...

Ahhh I have no words but want to let you know I am rejoicing deep with in my soul right along with you! Joy pure joy and hope! Yey!

Bobsta said...

awesome to hear guys Praying for you
and all the families and children in simpler situation

FTD said...

YAY! I have no words either - so I'll borrow Mel's ;)
Joy pure joy!!!!
PS Crying over such beautiful news can never be 'ugly'

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

And another...OMG is this actually happening - please pinch me!


Sarah said...

OMG OMG OMG! I can't believe I was so late finding out this incredible news!!!!! :)

Dana said...

Wow, this makes me so very excited. And those shivers? They haven't stopped since I read this post.

emily and mike said...

So excited for you and your family!!!