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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Quick Recap...I'm Still In Disbelief

Yesterday was a day full of obsessive email checking. Seriously constant. You gotta give me brownie points for enthusiasm.

I posted an update around 12:30pm stating that if I didn't hear by 2:30pm I would stop checking. This would have been 5:30pm EST and I was certain the agency would have been closed by that time.

Around 1:30pm (well, 1:33 if you're being really sticky) we received an email stating that 246 signed retainers and renewal fees had been received - and apparently a few more are en route.

We needed 200 for agency viability.

This is huge. If we were anticipating a best possible outcome this was/is it.

All that aside, I am in a bit of disbelief still. I know what has happened in my head but in my heart it's tough to grasp completely. Having lived in this "bubble" of unknown for well over 4 1/2 months it's hard to believe that we are expecting again from Ethiopia. I was at MOPS this morning and after signing in, the speaker asked those who were expecting to make sure they marked down their due date on the sign-in sheet. It took me a moment and then the ball dropped...I am in the same category as those round women! (I can say that, having been physically round twice before.) I didn't act upon the whim...had we been a little further down this road and I had some sort of ETA for Baby M (if you read my pre-marathon post you'll know this initial)...I may have done something.

We do need to wait for BDO to sign off on a few final things and there are a few legal logistics that need ticks in their boxes but this was The Big Hurdle. And we flew over it without even a chance of knocking it over.

So, there you have it...

We Are Expecting From Ethiopia.


emily and mike said...

Congratulations again and again!!!

Niki said...

Congrats! So excited for you!