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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Things

I was sharing a few sweet quotes and moments between the boys and I over the past few days, with my Mum. Her reaction to one of the recants wasn't what I'd expected and it was a reminder to me of how often I (likely) miss the "precious" or "innocent" moments our kids experience daily.

How often am I - are we all - rushing about trying so hard to make a meal, fold the laundry, write Christmas cards, or get out of the house that we miss these times?

The moment that I took for granted went a little like this:

It was bathtime, a favourite time around here. The boys were in the tub but since I would not take Noah to the pool for a swim with his new goggles I told him he could wear them in the tub this once.

It was a good compromise: he was desperate to try them out and I was desperate not to go outside in the rain only to get in the pool. Wet and cold followed by wet and cold just didn't entice me.

After "swimming" around in the tub for a few minutes with the new prize, he discovered Tait's leg, his own hand, etc. After a few minutes of kickin' about he unearthed his biggest "treasure" yet.

"Mama!! I can see the drain" he exclaimed.

Make sure you don't miss out when your kids notice the drain. Don't take their comments or antics for granted. No it's not always a lifechanging moment for you, but it likely is to them.

Why do we go out and try to find the best toy, or spend many dollars researching the most educational item when their truest memories are made with goggles in the tub?

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Niki said...

When I was a nanny, my girls wore their "goo-gy goggles" (as they called them) in the bathtub every time. Made bath time much more of an adventure. And they looked so darn cute too!

Thanks for the reminder to stop and "smell the flowers" of motherhood. I don't want to look back and realize I was to busy ______ (fill in the blank) to enjoy and savour it all!