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Friday, December 18, 2009

Higher And Higher

I'm still pinching myself each time I reflect upon the events of the past few days. I thought about it a moment ago and I swear I've received more emails from Imagine and more positive adoption news since Wednesday than over the past 5 months combined.

The final piece to this new agency puzzle was just placed and as often seems to happen, I had just been wondering about this piece this morning.

An Executive Director has been hired!!!

In my mind this was a huge part of the deal. I knew interviewing had been taking place and there were several very qualified candidates. However, as part of the email sharing this exciting information, the new Executive Director included a letter introducing herself. And the final sentence in the final paragraph convinced me that she is the one.

The whole letter was well written. She articulated herself, her experience, her expectations and anticipation over the road ahead quite clearly. But when S ended her letter with the sentence below, I was comforted with the reassurance that,

We. Are. In. Good. Hands.
I am proud to be a part of the future-development of this agency, and I am committed to making this an agency for the children, with their needs being of the highest priority, as we work hard to unite them with their destined families.

(bold mine)


Lola said...

I had a dream you got your referral last night! So real. I can hardly wait.

Sarah said...

I loved that part of her letter, too... :)

Natalie and Chris said...

Hi Ashleigh, thank you for the message on my blog. We are looking forward to meeting new adoptive families in our new home. I just found your blog but look forward to reading your story and getting to know you and your family. We are about 2 months apart for our DTE, which is great. I'm so happy we had such wonderful news this past week, new hope has been restored.

Well thanks again, Natalie