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Sunday, December 27, 2009

In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

It was good this year. Really good. Full of homemade and handmade, fair trade and direct trade, full of laughter and food, quiet times and loud.(mainly loud) No gifts were obligation or guilt gifts. All were chosen and given with a purpose in mind. Each unique to it's recipient and opened with the same excitment as when chosen or made.

Christmas came and went as it usually does: fast and faster, respectively.

There was something just a little different this year though. A little extra twinkle in the merry of the day. The knowledge of a Greater reason than gifts and garland. The desire to seek equality and social support rather than just materialism.

Having two in the house this year who more fully understand and embrace the true meaning but also the notion of Santa, stockings, and taking turns while gift opening (well, sort of) made it different. Or perhaps it was the nearly doubled financial amount raised for a Well in Tanzania that was announced at our Christmas Eve service.


It was different. It was right.

"Did he come, Mama?", are words I will never forget as they left the mouth of the oldest and were echoed immediately by the youngest Christmas morning. The shrieks and joy that "OH, Santa did come last night Nana," was almost too much. Surely it was the cookies we made and left the night before.

I could go on for pages but the pictures will do it better justice. I think I'll revisit moments and special gifts from time to time but for now, here you go.

May your 2009 end with a contented peace.

May your 2010 begin with a fresh joy.

May you enjoy every moment.


Steve Tait said...

We've shared many wonderful Christmas' together, Ash, but there surely was something extra special about things this year. Thanks for helping to make it so...:)

Cristina Findlay said...

Awe! Looks like everyone had a great time!