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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ben and I went out for our Annual Boxing Day Movie Date again this year. It was great. Time alone in a crowded mall where we are in a hurry to get nowhere. Seriously, it's not stressful because all we're doing is spending time together while waiting for our matinee to begin. And, once we're in the theatre we have to share it with (usually) a whopping six or eight other people.

This year we went to see The Blind Side. I would highly recommend it. It's not necessarily a theatre must-see, but it is a must-see. I don't want to go into any sort of analytical detail because of course being a Hollywood flick, there are some things a little more rosy than likely occurred. Nonetheless, here's a sneak peak and a heads up to set your PVR for friday night's 20/20, as the family will be interviewed. And, I feel the Tuoys are one of those families we would all be better people for "knowing".


emily and mike said...

Ahh! Thanks for telling me they'll be on 20/20. I will definitely be watching!!!

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

I can't wait to see that movie - I will be sure to watch the 20/20 too. Thanks


Lola said...

Well, the trailer made me cry so it's probably pretty good. :)

Home Sweet Home said...

Wow...very powerful. I NEED to see that movie LOL.

Happy New Year.