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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Woo Hoo...This Is Fu-Huuuuun

In keeping with trying (desperately trying!) to keep positive and see the good in all and in everything, regardless of how life may actually feel at times, I have decided to dedicate the thirty days in June to a positive outlook. Each day, regardless of how good/bad/ugly it was, I will share a positive moment. If only a picture, depicting a single instance...a last ditch effort to Fake It Until You Make It.

Because, in light of the past month of rain, no referrals, more rain, okay one referral that I know of but it didn't affect our placement, and more rain, for the health and well-being of us all there has got to be some smiles and fun. After a pretty impressive melt-down on Sunday, I think I've got it out of my system and am ready to hit June head on. Don't get me wrong, May brought some fantastic moments and I'd like to see more of them...and perhaps I may...perhaps I should ask and anticipate less from June. Maybe "going with the flow" will take the edge off. (Sun wouldn't hurt anyone either.)

And seeing as I missed yesterday, I'll make up by sharing a glimpse into Monday (let's end a crap-referral month on a positive note, shall we,) and the first day of our new month.

The outpouring of donations from friends. An overwhelming encouragement in the form of material goods for small children in our Transition Home and an Orphanage. Many (!) I simply could not send this time around no thanks to Canada Posts' ridiculous rates. They will make it over, however, either via my own suitcase of that of another.

And a simple walk. Amidst the dumps of rain we found some time to head out to the beach and find some secret pathways. We took a new "route" along the seashore, enjoying the sand (a rarety as we don't usually time our walks around low tide) and all the hundreds of crabs running to and fro. (I won't dwell on the fact that I seriously miscalculated the amount of battery life left in my camera and only got in a few shots before it died...we're thinking positive here people.) The high was my small three year old (gosh he's cute) running along the beach, (his Mama holding her breath waiting for him to eat beach at any given moment) - water and sand spraying out from beneath his little feet, yelling:

"Woo Hoo...This is fu-huuuun"

How is it that small children have the innate ability to turn one syllable words into two, often three syllables? It truly is admirable.

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Gretta said...

Good for you Ashleigh. And holy cow! That's a lot of donations!