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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Open. House.

The day started wonderfully. After a little Yard Sale hopping, (another perk to small town living is a town-wide yard sale...I'll share my newest $2 score once it's all fixed up and presentable), we headed over to the camp to start the day off with food.

After filling up, a beach walk was in order. We quickly lost count of the number of crabs, seaweed strings, and other fun treasures found.

Hot enough to get wet in clothes, the day was perfect...and so packed with people! We hit a record attendance level of just under 1300 guests including staff. The day was amazing.

{Some were a little more timid than others to get their shorts wet...}

After beach combing and ocean wading, we headed back up to refuel on icecream...ah hem, frozen yogurt.

Face painting was followed by bouncy castle jumping and candy toss catching.

Sucess to a T.

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