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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Decaf Tall With Room For Cream Americano

I went out with a couple friends last night. It had been awhile since we'd all three been together. I'm not sure if we've ever made it out all together without kids. It was soul full, and food for the soul.

It was the pour-your-heart-out kind of moments...followed by the laughing until the tears are rolling down your cheeks kind of moments...superseded by the ah, this-is-nice-to-talk-uninterrupted-and-simply-enjoy-the coffee-in-front-of-you-without-it-going-cold.

Each of us endure different struggles, spouses with very different vocations, children excelling in some areas while driving us to the brink of "you've got to be kidding me, you did what?!" in other areas. Happiness is derived in different nooks and crannies of each of our lives, passions are driven by different causes and struggles, we all embrace different levels of dysfunction. Yet, we all seize common ground. The same faith. An equal desire to support one another. A heart for the passions of the other two while at the same time, not necessarily a complete understanding of the passions of the others. A respect not needing verbalization.

But that's friendship, is it not? Supporting while perhaps not always understanding. Embracing though maybe not as fervent for the cause.

Whatever. I came home on a bit of a high (which I mistook for perhaps a mix-up in the coffee) and embraced what had transpired into a perfect evening at Starbucks.

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