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Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekending. Treehousing. Sunbasking.

Our Saturday was glorious. Sunny. Warm. Fully of building, learning, exploring, and giggling.

The Treehouse construction is in full swing. Major progress was made, however, there was also proof that often many hands don't necessarily make light work. The time together - the quality time - made up for the lack of progress though and all in all the day was a success.

The Foreman.

Heart for seeing his kids enjoy their childhood to the max. Care taker of all details which go in to building a serious treehouse.
Mine - all mine.

If you only knew the hours already put into this project...dreaming, scheming, researching, buying, measuring, planing, digging, cementing, nailing, screwing, re-measuring. It is truly awesome...

Sugared up on a RingPop...round two (and definitely a long way from gone). Because you see, we don't tolerate much of the refined stuff around here, so candy is enjoyed multiple times. Three minutes here, three minutes there. They have come to understand well, the sweetness associated with candy but also the negative toll it takes. And, while that may sound all stingy and non-child-friendly, it works for us. They appreciate more than usual, what a special treat really should be.

Temporary placement(s) of the slide...just to see how it worked and where.

Good news folks: it works. Boy does it work.

All that in a single day.

And other than behind the lens, perhaps you wonder what this Mama did with all her time? Ah, that's a project in pictures for another day.

Perhaps the sun may stick around a little more than usual this week.

That would be nice, wouldn't it.

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Cristina Findlay said...

Great pictures! I'm sure the memories of those special days will be forever cherished. :)