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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Painting The Deck

Ah hem, painting on the deck...mostly.

{excuse the slight plumber bum}
We've been making the most of the sun that (finally) decided up until this morning to rear it's wonderfully warm invigorating face and bless us with the vitamin D not found in a bottle.

Painting on the deck was a request made and easily accommodated. (Sidenote: I pretty much say 'yes' to anything when the sun is shining.)

{i see you tait! what did you find down there??}
{mama! tait found a bubble blower...oh, yeah and he got his paintbrush too}I can feel it.

Summer, pushing it's way through the rain. Inching it's way around the clouds. Feeling it's way into our days and lives.

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Cristina Findlay said...

Love it! Are they painting home depot projects by chance???