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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Let me tell you the story of a Dresser.

It, actually let's make it a "she" shall we? She was found on a local used site and listed free. After checking her out (solid wood boys and girls), bringing her home, and learning (through a friend! and self-teaching), she is now beautiful. Toot toot.

She cost me about 30 mins of travel time, a little putty, a little paint, and a couple (very inexpensive) pieces of hardware.

She'll take her place in the boys' room and add a bit of colour splash to their already colourful duvets. I am in love...and on the hunt for another freebee to make pretty...oh, and a place to put her (who ever "she" may be) in our home.

Hello new hobby.

And this is what occupied my time this past weekend, other than being behind the lens.


And while I didn't realize my "it's so so good" comments would reciprocate such enthusiastic comments, and while I cannot go in to more detail (as mentioned in previous post), I will say that from three unofficial but very solid, reliable sources (here is one) it is looking as though the MOWA office in the Oromia region is now open, folks. When I say "it is looking as though" I say it with a whopping amount of certainty. This may mean nothing to some of you...and others may be putting on their party hat and doing a little dance. I am of the latter persuasion.

Glean what you will.

Hang in there.

This is awesome.


Our little family said...

Looks AMAZING!!! You did such an awesome job Ashleigh! Looks brand new from IKEA!!
And the news is excellent... we are so happy to hear this and cannot wait to meet your little girl! : )

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Now I see - sorry. Well, I guess you also got the update this morning. We will see, is right.

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

BYW, love the dresser - do you want to do mine?

Sharla said...

I am really impressed. It does not even look like the same dresser. That took a lot of imagination and a dream and now, well you have a very cool piece of furniture and a new hobby to occupy your waiting.

Anna said...

That'd be great news if the ban gets lifted!!
Great dresser!

Tammy said...

I love to refinish old furniture too. Haven't done anything since Josina was born, lol...but maybe one day I'll get into it again. Maybe for our Ethiopian child's bedroom? You've inspired me.
It looks great!

Kimmyann said...

LOL my parents had that same dresser in their room while I was growing up.

Barbara said...

That is quite the "do-over". I love it!