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Friday, June 4, 2010

Summed Up In A Single Word

Yesterday's "goodness" can simply be summed up in one word


It was what we all needed. Peacefully rising in the morning, it shone into our room and was the best wake up call in some time.

Playdates (outside!) were the order of the day.

A pantless three year old and a smiling four year old. Happiness is: wearing a short sleeved shirt without anything over top. We thrive on the little things around these parts.

A visit to the new kindergarten class also made the shortlist for our day...and though it certainly proved anti-climactic and begged more (unanticipated) questions than it answered, a whiteboard and several other goodies were included in the take home bag which made for a smiling, "I need to get to work learning now" small boy.

And though you'd think that Imagine's bi-monthly email yesterday would have been a downer, (including confirmation of the single May referral...which I know doesn't even affect us due to it being significantly above ours), it wasn't. More paperwork is now needed for referrals and though there are some in the works, they are stuck. I found comfort in the knowledge that though there are more guidelines and (even) slower timelines, things are still moving. At a snail's pace they are moving. They are moving. It's a journey. I have our list of all required documents for our two year update which is actually comforting for me, as I can begin to get our ducks in a row...again. Things. Are. Moving.

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