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Friday, May 28, 2010

Orphanage Donations

Many of you have asked specifically what items Imagine is requesting for they are heading over to visit our orphanage(s) and transition home in just over a week.

First, thank you so much. Seriously. Right now, this is the most tangible thing we (I!) can do and your responses have been encouraging. Below is a list of what they are asking for. My gut is that non-clothing items will be fewer and further between so if you are able to pass those along that would be great. I have confirmed that all items can be gently used but they cannot accept stained/torn/holey items or anything broken/missing parts. So new condition or brand spankin' new would be wonderful.

I need to send any donations by Monday, May 31...yep, right around the corner. Thank you again. There will be other opportunities to do this also...down the road...when (notice I didn't say if) yours truly is hoping on the jet plane.

Clothes for infants and toddlers
Shoes (infants and toddlers)

Transition Home:
Clothes for toddlers
Mobiles (for cribs)

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