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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Trick-a-ma-sticks And Such

Our family had an intimate moment with the Purolator guy last week as he arrived sometime shortly after 7:30am at our house. A common occurance at the camp we wondered if he'd made a serious detour. He's never been chez Keizer. However, after apologizing for our appearance, (truly, the apology was empty as recipients in jammies is a risk one must take at such an hour) we gratefully accepted a package sent for the boys - who were by this time on Cloud 9.

The package was from good friends who moved away in the fall. You know, the "aunts" and "uncles" who aren't bound by law. We all likely had them and all our kids likely have them and plain and simple, they rock. And there's not much that makes them different from family other than perhaps some names on paper.

Included in the package were a couple books - one of which I would definitely recommend to all you PAPs out there. The father/son Leman duo did a great job, I think. We've read it several times and aside from simply being a great read, it's a very applicable lesson.

Following the books, we pulled out "I Can Do That". And, for any Dr Seuss fan this is a keeper. I will truthfully, wholeheartedly and very readily admit: I am not a games person. Kids games, adult games, I am simply not a fan. I will happily watch and if a game isn't a real intricate thinker than I may be in, otherwise count me out, I am happy to observe and pass out the cookies and milk.

This one, however, is great. It's simple. It's quick. It's fun. And because it's a Dr Seuss the wording and directions are quirky and cool. Though it says ages 4+, I would disagree, as we have one three year old who has no problems. (I guess if your kid is into putting large foam objects in his/her mouth and chomping down it could be a cause for concern.) It's active which is great for days such

Step 1: Chose cards 1, 2, 3.

Step 2: Flip 'em over in numerical sequence, fit 'em together and have the nearest adult read out the sequence...or decipher the pictures.

Step 3: Complete the task and keep the cards. If you don't feel you can complete part of the task, swap that card for another.

(Step 4: Optional - admire cute kid's cute little bum.)