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Friday, May 7, 2010

Ah, Another Friday

Before I turn the computer off for the weekend again - it was just such a success last weekend (plus, I'm at interviews and workshops most of the weekend anyway and what little time I have should by all means be spent with my 3 favourite boys) I have a few highlights to share...sneak peeks into our past few days.

On my iPod this morning...can't remember the artist or the song but the words were piercing:
  • Treat your enemies wisely the way you treat them defines your true character
Received our bi-monthly update including the number of referrals this past month. I'm pleased-ish...though the ban is still on...and was bang-on in numerical accuracy which wasn't exactly thrilling...I'd love a repeat of January. BDO has posted meeting minutes for March and April which again, were good. Boy they're a competent bunch.

I received April's Secret Pal gift and was encouraged yesterday. It's like she's a mind reader or something...last month a Bags4Darfur bag, this month a ragtime quilt. Her first - and a complete score on so many levels - a project I had put off tackling, handmade & homemade, pink but not too pink, sweet smelling and ready "to cuddle our baby sister, Mama". A rockstar, she is.

And I'll leave you with one last peek at my view. The view of one young Mama to one young, sweet, darling, priceless and precious three year old. If only I could get him to get his hand out of his pants. Yeesh. Who's teaching these kids etiquette anyway?

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Barbara said...

oh be glad it's not down the front. and make sure they don't do that. I still have to stare at men at work do that. and i blame their mothers...