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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Title-less Post

I'm still here.

Just recouping from a good weekend - a draining weekend - a tiring weekend, a weekend which resulted in a nasty cold. I don't get colds. Like, ever.

Trying to put all my thoughts together without being all wordy and such.

Reflecting and trying to focus forward and upward. Trying, desiring to be a part of the solution and not the problem. Trying to enjoy the sun and not wonder hourly WHEN THIS BAN WILL BE LIFTED. Man, I look forward to the day when I don't have to wake up wondering if "today is the day".

Enjoying my freshly cut peonies - pondering whether or not I've finally groomed my green thumb a bit...doubt it.

Mother's Day was sweet. Creative and colourful.

Those Home Depot kiddie (and Daddy) workshops are the ticket. We'll wait awhile to try and convince Noah (again!) that the Red Pepper plant he chose is actually a Hot Red Pepper Plant.

We're eating the sun...that makes it all a bit better doesn't it?

Reading bits and pieces on Ghandi and am blown away by his grace and true love for humanity. I'm still trying to form my thoughts in words - when I do I'll share. If you have a moment, just check up a bit on his time with the Untouchables in India - his renaming them the Children Of God is truly something very very few would conjure up. His intense need to live with, and become a part of their society is phenomenal. His desire and drive for peace (and the paths less travelled, which he chose to seek peace) were and still are exceedingly rare. Take a minute or two and read up...and be humbled...and motivated to seek greater, be better, give more.

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