The place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello May

  • It was a quiet weekend
  • I took a break from the computer...turned it off Friday - Monday...think I may make that a habit
  • I know...a book
  • Words on paper not a screen. Novel huh? I want to be seen as a wiser person. Not necessarily smarter (though that would be nice) but an individual who acts not on a whim but on thought. Who listens first, reflects more deeply, and empathizes with greater intention and authenticity. I want to absorb, grow, and seek through the experiences of others. I want to mirror the image of the example set by Christ before jumping to conclusions. I want to be wise beyond my years but effortlessly energetic in my daily ways. I simply want more. And I want to be more. And I want to live each day looking for more.
  • I am more relaxed because of afore mentioned action...except for the migraine which woke me up this morning...oh and the power outage. Seriously?!
  • Ben is off today which is wonderful - he worked part of the weekend
  • It's May - already
  • It's going to be a good week
  • It is also going to be very very full of twists and turns. This time next week I will reflect upon this list of thoughts...oh, to have the ability to look ahead. My, doesn't life morph in ways you never imagined...
  • It's going to be a great month
  • I love our new Mazda 5
  • Did I mention I have a good gut feeling about May? My gut's usually accurate
"Christianity," [Martin Luther King Jr] said, "has always insisted that the cross we bear precedes the crown we wear. To be a Christian one must take up his cross, with all it's difficulties and agonizing and tension-packed content, and carry it until that very cross leaves it's mark upon us and redeems us to that more excellent way which comes only through suffering."
Philip Yancey


Joy and Geoff said...

Oh, I really like Yancey. I should likely read that book.

FTD said...

I like the idea of turning off the computer Friday-Monday.
Glad you had a relaxing weekend after 2 not-so-relaxing ones :)

Barbara said...

I have quite a good feeling about May too.