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Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank You

Thank you friends...those of you whom I personally know and can hug and those who I cannot. These days of "wow, Noah was 2 when we started and Tait was only 13 months" can get to a girl after a many of you are well aware.

I try not to dwell on the uncontrollable.

I try to have faith.

I must have hope.

But, I am still human and there are still days when I think to myself, "really? seriously? still?".

Yet, I know that all things happen for good. I know there is a plan and that what will take place is going to be more than I could ever hope or imagine. So, I'll cling to that. Knowing that this thing called time is just that: time. No end. We've got lots of it. I should enjoy more of it.

I was praying desperately for a sign this morning. A big, fat, obvious sign that this. is. God's. will. Your comments and emails, so many of them (even the creepy one) lifted me ever so slightly. Whether you(s) meant it or not, I saw the use of the word "when" not "if" this happens.

And that was what I needed.

The tears of anguish and desire still sit right near the brink of pouring over, but the "whens" were what I needed.

So, thankyou.

1 comment:

deborah said...

It will happen. I remind myself all the time that God's timing is perfect...even though I often feel that 'now' is the best time.
Chin up...
He is sovereign.