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Monday, April 19, 2010


The weekend away turned out, well, a little different than expected. I was away 20 hours rather than the planned 2 full days. My family was involved in a MVA midmorning on Saturday. As "they" say, most accidents happen close to home and this one proved the theory right. My four boys, (man, two kids, and one small crazy dog who apparently has 9 lives) were a whopping 2km or so away from our house. Ironically, there were no other vehicles (occupied) on the road. There wasn't even a witness...this is at an intersection that boasts a motel and laundromat on one side, a hotel and restaurant on the other and a ferry terminal only metres away. It's all relative though I guess when, as I have mentioned before - you live rural.

The driver ran a stop sign.

Thankfully (and I don't use that lightly) everyone is okay. The carseats are of course to be destroyed (thanks ICBC for new cadilacs!) but the boys are safe, save a couple of scratches on one small child's neck from the belts. The dog (we never take him anywhere!) happened to be in the back on the floor which is nothing short of a blessing as the airbag would have taken him. Yes, the airbags deployed...Ben's arm burn proves does the bruise under the burn and the reminder from the boys that they really "did not like that smell of yucky dust, Mama" (a result of deployed airbags).

So now, we wait to see if the car is a write-off. We anticipate: yes. The front windshield is shattered though still in tact, and there are a whole host of major issues with the hood and headlights (crumpled and smashed), the side panels (completely misaligned), the door which no longer opens without a large popping noise (due to misaligned panels), and the bumper is currently sitting on top of the hood. Yep, it was ripped off.

All that to say the weekend didn't go as planned but of importance is the well-being of everyone.

And, while thinking about this weekend, I was reminded of the truly important things - life, health, well-being, equality regardless or race or circumstance - and was directed to this article about Molly...yes, again. The girl is a rockstar, people.

Here's a snipet to wet your if you needed it.

Supporters' Spotlight

Youth Fundraising Makes a Splash in British Columbia

[...] Molly Patterson, through the sale of colourful stainless steel water bottles adorned with a self-designed logo reading “H2oh for Ethiopia” as well as the sale of Fair Trade Organic Ethiopian coffee beans, has met her goal of $5,000 and upped the ante to $8,000.

“People all over Canada have purchased my colourful water bottles and Ethiopian coffee, and I even had one order from the US,” shares Molly. “I have my bottles in local stores, and I also have an "H2O for Ethiopia" FaceBook page. I have sold 250 water bottles so far. Everyone I have talked to wants to help.”

These WaterCan fundraising projects hold deep significance for all four girls as both families have adopted children from Ethiopia. Molly explains, “In 2008 my parents and I went to Ethiopia to bring home my two new brothers. I saw how people were drinking dirty, filthy water that was full of bacteria. I wanted to help them out. I really like the people in Ethiopia and they were very nice to me.”

PS I thought this was the case but it was just confirmed...K.B-L. you are the US purchaser. You're like famous and stuff.


shaunak said...

Ashleigh! I am so glad to hear that that everyone is okay. We have had some near misses in that area. I hope the boys weren't too shaken up - it must have been pretty scary for them. Poor guys.

Thanks for posting about Miss Molly, once again. You may have noticed that she mentions your friend in the US who ordered from her. We really appreciate the support and encouragement you have shown her.

Yours Truly said...

Phew! So glad that all your boys are okay. What a scare. It's good to be grounded every once in a while by the truly important things. Thanks for the reminder!

emily and mike said...

How scary! I'm SO glad your boys are all okay. I can't imagine how scary that must've been for them and then you finding out about it! (((hug))))

Dana said...

"Wow" is right! I'm so glad to hear everyone's safe and sound!

Dana said...

"Wow" is right! I'm so glad to hear everyone's safe and sound!

Anna said...

What a scare your family has had. Thank the Lord that everyone is safe! I hope you had a great weekend away, solo! Also, congrats being number 24! You're getting there! It's been almost 2 weeks that we recieved our referral, and we're still flying higher than kites! You'll forget about the wait, once you get "the call".

How does one get those water bottles from Molly?

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

what number were you and what was your original number and request? that's so exciting!
you can go to Molly's fb fan page!/pages/H2O-for-Ethiopia/264482882424?ref=ts
or you can email Shauna (her Mum) who made the comment at the top of the page!! I love my waterbottle and the coffee is delicious.
Ashleigh :)

Barbara said...

Holy crap! Glad everyone's ok. Can you rebook the trip?