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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh My, That's A Lot Of Orange

Where's your happy place? For me, it's the kitchen or at the sewing table.

Domestic goddess, I know.

It's been good for a laugh though in the past - when Ben comes home from work and I'm baking something (anything), while trying to get supper on the table simultaneously - he can gage that it's been a rough day. Ironic that my day's been chaos and I then add to it more chaos in an attempt to unwind.

I never claimed perfection.

Lately, in an attempt not only to relax a bit more but also to help the time pass, (you know as we count from 51 eventually to 30 down to 29 then a short jump to 26) until our ringy-ding-ding, I've been looking for projects. And, since the criteria which I use to determine the next project is stingy at best, it's been a search.

First, outcome item(s) must not be anything girl or adoption related. (I am saving almost all of that for after The Call...I've created a few knitting projects in the past but it's too hard to go hog-wild on this kind of stuff only to watch it sit for months...not know exact sizes, styles, etc).

Second, outcome item(s) must be useful. They can be clothing (though 3 and 4yr boys clothing is quite limited...and jammies are done), something household related, for myself, or otherwise. For friends is fine (and by that, I mean friends' kids)...however, we don't have any little people parties until June so I have a wait ahead of me.

Putting the ol' thinking cap I looked around the house at what needed a splash of colour or newness or perhaps just a bit of TLC. And, honestly the kitchen curtains just didn't really seem all that fun. And I was at a loss until I looked at the boys' room...which is drab. It holds pictures on the walls which were placed when we moved in...when Noah was a whopping 11 months and Tait was barely a fetus.

Yes, it needed colour. But I also wanted their input. Because, I think in this world, in this day and age, in our house, there are so so so many rules. And, there are so many things they do not have control or choice over. So, I thought this could be fun. Give them freedom and ignore the desire to reign them in...all while filling my Martha-desires.

And, while I'm not an orange kind-of-girl, it's what he wanted.

And, while I may have wanted to complement the pattern of one duvet with a similar one for the youngest, that wasn't what he wanted.

I love the results.

So do they.

Hmmm, what next. (More referrals would be nice...)

Oh, and you may recall my Junk Posse post awhile back. Well folks, there's another giveaway and I'm all in. Here's to being the lucky winner. What a gift that would be! Check it out here or here.

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