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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Into Each Day, Some Fun Must Fall

Though the parent:child ratio came out to 1:1 this week, there were days and moments it didn't feel as such. What I have come to realize - and it is a process - is that, though adults feel that holidays and vacation mean relaxing (which in itself means doing not so much), children simply do not acquire the same sentiment until, oh, perhaps their teens.

As such, though the week has been good there has been some restlessness.

And, being fed up with it and realizing it was not about to change, we have both given a little more of ourselves to make this holiday week a little easier on the other.

My thoughts yesterday were as follows...

...little hands
...cookie decorating

For some reason, however, (still unbeknownst to myself) I made the dough but decided not to put it in the oven until at least an hour later. After having baked for a whopping three minutes, the power went out for a lengthy seven hours. Seven hours people!

Mercifully, our beautiful creature holds it's heat and the cookies baked in the remaining warmth. It was a small act of mercy. These two, these children, these boys...they needed something to do. And so did I.

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