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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All Panicky And Stuff

I'm a Type A personality.

No surprise.

No psychological evaluation necessary.

It's a fact as plain obvious as the nose on your face.

So, when I look ahead (which is a daily occurrence,) I get a little panicky.
  • When we will get our referral? (I'd settle just to know the month)
  • Will we need to complete our 2 year update?
  • Will we need to request an extension on our immigration application?
  • If we get our referral within the 2 year timeline, will we get it just in time to hit summer court closure and be hooped anyway?
A girl could get an ulcer thinking about these details too much.

The two year homestudy expiry thing will just have to be waited out. We'll give it until about 8 weeks prior to our DTE and then get on it. I think that's wise, don't you? (Seriously, what do you think?) With everything in me I don't want to have to go through the multiple step series to gather all. that. paperwork. Yet, I'd rather get it done that it be our fault for being delayed. Wouldn't that just be a kick in the gut.

The citizenship part of the deal is good until mid-December of this year. So, for now we're okay on that front too. If need be I'll just request an extension...I think our reasons are pretty legit. Not exactly on the list of top 10 things I'd like to do this year but I can get over it.

And as for when we'll get our referral (and if it'll fall during summer closures - depending on when they will even take place)...well, that's the question of the year isn't it? I'm hoping and praying that MOWA lifts this fantastic ban they've got on, and that the trickle of referrals turns into a flood. The tragedy that there were orphanages shut makes me wonder, if the ones that did not pass inspection are closed (and I don't say that lightly), then perhaps there is less of a concern about the legitimacy of relinquishment and they can now lift the ban? Please please let it be so. Aren't we going on 3 months?

Fortunately, I don't have an abundance of time to indulge these thoughts as they creep into the forefront of my Type A brain...I need to give myself fully to conversations such as these...

Tait: Mama, is dis one a gerl? (holding up a blue crayon)

Me: It's not a boy or a girl. (try explaining this one to a 3 year old) Only people and animals are boys and girls...everything else It. (nice, Ashleigh, real slick)

Tait: Oh, so dis one is a it?

Me: Uh, okay sure. Yes.

Tait: And my cwayons fwom Santa? 'Dem its too?

Me: Yes, the crayons from Santa are "its" too.


Joy and Geoff said...

Ah yes, the mental aerobics involved in this process. We've been sitting on outdated medicals and fingerprints, and have not updated our homestudy for a country switch to Ethiopia...also wanting to keep things current as long as possible once they are done, but wondering how long we should really wait. Not sure there's an easy answer, but your reasoning sounds good!

Katie said...

Your boys are so sweet - your conversation with Tait made me giggle. :)

Anna said...

Oh yes, the stress! I don't know much about the home study update, but I've been in contact with Citizenship and Immigration because our Part 1 expired in February. It turns out, our file is still open. We're praying it'll remain open and that we can get an updated decision letter before Part 2 is sent. Yours should be fine, if you have until the end of the year. Wouldn't it be nice to have all the answers! There is Someone who does know; trust in Him (you dont' want any ulcers)!! Hang in there!