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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free Ride

There are days I wished I lived in a city. With a grocery store within walking distance, an Old Navy perhaps...oh heck, something worth wandering through. But those days are few and far between. Days like today, I feel so blessed to live in a booming metropolis (commonly referred to as a town) of 2500 people...not families, individual people.

Why on days like today? On days like today I love that my kids can throw on their boots and head out to run about our unfenced yard and know that my main concern could be a dog wandering through a neighbor's yard from the off-leash park. The road is quiet (save a few rednecks), the neighbors friendly (and know us by name), and the yard plenty (sometimes it feels a little overwhelming).

On days like today, I am so thankful for all this yard-at the thought of which I often cringe (because it is a lot of work!).

On days like today, I find joy in the fact that our yard is such that they can both enjoy a free ride...actually, dozens.

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