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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yesterday I took 188 Photos

For you, my friends, I will condense the afternoon. And, rest assured that out of all those clicks and kodak moments capturing our adventure(s), there are always only a couple dozen (often less) which make "the cut".

We'll call these...

Adventures At The Farm

It was an afternoon which made me, (and my walking know, the owner of said farm) nostalgic for the times I never really fully knew. The one where kids would take off after breakfast and chores, returning only upon the call of the Mama or Papa at dinner time. It was a time when kids would run free - as kids should - without a care. Life was safe, simple, sacred.

Wide open fields.

Mud puddle amidst plush green grass.


Calling for horses.

Running without running out of field or rolling hills upon which to explore.

Embracing the freedom only a child can fully, and unknowingly understand and embrace.

Taking in, with each breath, the beauty of a place so simple yet so exquisite.

Yesterday was perfect.

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Joy and Geoff said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful. And nice work with all the picture-taking - 188 shows how much there was to capture in visual memories!