The place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.

Friday, February 26, 2010

For Now

  • it is pouring
  • i am feeling like a wet dog due to my negligence...note to self: always look outside before heading out for a run
  • the thought that february has flown by has me smiling...not at time lost but at the knowledge of time enjoyed
  • there is no bi-monthly update this week...that was last week...and it will be next week, too
  • prayerfully and hourly, i think of the 3 Imagine staff in Ethiopia checking in on the precious babes and working on our behalf and theirs
  • i am thankful for so many successful court dates over the past few weeks
  • i was wishing we lived closer to Toronto...the Celebration Of Hope in a month will be incredible
  • i am conscious of a slower referral month but rest at peace, knowing that not all months can be record breaking and when each and every one is ready for his or her family, he or she will be referred. there's no sense in rushing what is already determined
  • i am anxiously excited for march
  • the sewing waiting to be tackled has me giddy about the final outcome
  • our 2nd and final restructuring fee is in the mail and i am elated to know that our next $2000 will be sent upon acceptance of our referral...that in itself should be enough to send me to the moon with excited anticipation
For now I am seeking joy in the little things, happiness in what we have not what we want, pleasure in life's humour (like a 3yr old who swears that he sleeps under a "nuvet", not a "duvet"), and encouragement that with each passing day little ones are making their way closer to home.


Sharla said...

glad that you are feeling so at peace right now.

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Too funny - wait until you read my post on Sunday - I have outlined it almost the same as yours, with a few random thoughts from over the past month...however, your outlook of things right now is a bit more positive then I have been feeling lately.