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Sunday, February 7, 2010


I've had a lot of people tell me later that this is all going to happen faster than I think. They are rejoicing with our small achievements and the baby steps which lead us closer to our referral. It's all becoming a bit more real with each passing day and anticipation builds.

A knock on the door late last week revealed a friend/co-worker/neighbor standing there with a bouquet of tulips..."in anticipation of our daughter".

A 3 year old playdate (you know, the paper-mache, good-Mama one) made the boys and I, a paper box. In the box were several paper butterflies...each one with our name. And, on her own accord she had asked her Mummy to write "Baby Keizer" on one.

I started a sweater last week...and finished this afternoon. My first ever. There was a sweet knitted vest late last year but not a full sweater.

Anticipation is building.

It rocks.


Joy and Geoff said...

What thoughtful gestures from others who share your growing excitment! And the sweater is adorable. I attempted a baby cardigan a while ago, but your pattern is much cuter, and, ah, your sleeves are not huge balloons - so nice work!

Lola said...

I've worked that same pattern! Love it.

The Warren Family said...

wow, great job on the sweater!! I am very impressed (-:

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

It is just so nice when friends and family are so excited for us and 'get' how significant this journey is to us.


Barbara said...

Gorgeous sweater! Good for you.