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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tidbit From Ethiopia

My parents live in HK.

That's HK as in Hong Kong.

No it's not a new thing so this isn't some sort of bragging right. They've been there for over a decade now. My Dad started and ended his career with the same company. Banking. He was (is!), really good at what he does.

He's the HR guy to top all HR guys.

You know...integral, slow to anger and quick to encourage, he'll problem solve on a personel level and while everyone else is blue in the face he's just getting going.

After retiring nearly two years ago, he started his own business which surprise surprise is thriving.

I love some of the tidbits this line of work can sometimes draw from through the encounter of those from many walks and experiences of life. Yesterday my Dad engaged in a coaching session with an individual who has worked for the UN in both Somalia and Rwanda. (Whoa.)

My Dad shared a bit about our journey and his client responded by affirming what several of you already know which is that the Ethiopians are both physically and spiritually beautiful...

He then went on to share that in Ethiopia orphaned children are rarely said to be waiting for adoption. Instead, he shared, they are part of an "extended family".

Eloquent, isn't it.


Janice said...

Love that.

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

That is so nice. Thanks for sharing.