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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Strong Startin'...Again

A good...ah hem, great...and busy several days around here.

After a hoot hollerin' party Sunday, we started the week out with a bit of a bang.

(Quite excited.)
(A little unnerved.)

We headed here for a couple hours of fun...and fun it proved to be. The boys have been begging to return to Jumpin' Jiminy's for literally weeks and it seemed, that after a couple weeks of too much home time, Monday was a great day to hit the road.

The fun didn't begin however, until we'd stopped off at the Elementary school to register Noah for Kindergarten. Hullo! Full days, people. He is over the moon excited (I'm still not) and after an evening of hockey for the camp kids on Monday (yes, Monday was a full day), the janitor offered to take us down to his classroom-to-be. It is cool. He's stoked.

It seemed wrong not to do school-related things yesterday. So after a morning of self-chosen colouring, playdoughing, and card making, we headed back to school. We didn't head to our school but rather to a Strong Start school. You'll remember we attended tons last year and this fall we took a bit of a hiatus. Perhaps not a great move on my part but at times, life gets in the way of other "extracurricular" activities. Not trying to box education in to an extracurricular square of our life...but there's more to education that just classroom - especially when you live by the ocean in a climate which allows you to be outside almost any time. Plus, this is our last year not having a schedule dictated to us and we have been enjoying it.

Returning to Strong Start was a fabulous move. The boys were pumped, I enjoyed it, and the school we chose this time has a large class with a billion (yep, a billion) activities. The perk in my mind is that it is significantly quieter than our previous location. Carpet time, stories and songs were top notch and the boys literally had to be dragged out when it was over. They would have camped out had I not promised to return later this week.

The week will end on a good note, as we'll receive our bi-monthly from Imagine. I. Love. Them. I try not to focus on them too much but I eat this stuff for lunch, people. We're down in the mid-to-low-forties now. Easily.


Lola said...

Yay, mid to low forties! My fingers are itching to knit something for a little girl who I don't know the size or age of yet. I, in the next month or so, will become an obsessive blog stalker waiting for the news.

Sarah said...

When I read mid-to-low forties I got the shivers. You are getting so close!