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Friday, February 12, 2010

Twenty Grand **Comments Closed: Winner Announced**

Let's play a little game, shall we?

The friend to prove he/she is the 20,000th visitor will win a small prize.

Just for fun.

It's getting close.

An emailed photo or screen capture would work nicely.

Happy Friday...

***The Winner is none other than a special friend - our cake building, gingerbread decorating, incredible adoption supporting - Tracy. (It's blurry but it's legible!)

Tracy won a gift certificate to Kiva which she quickly turned into a loan for the group below.

Thanks for playing along and thanks so much, Tracy for making the decision of which entrepreneur to support through this micro-loan, based on their geographic location (near Haiti) and the hard work Llama De Amor 123 Group is putting in to this, their third Kiva Loan! (Maybe you'd like to help this group, too?)



Chad, Laura and Sara said...

I'm at 19,970...I'll check in again later - or maybe I should keep pressing refresh for 3o more times (I'm used to that button these days) - Does that count? :)

Yours Truly said...


FTD said...

ohhhhh - I'm 19,998 !
I'll try and re-visit today :)