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Sunday, January 17, 2010

While We Were Out

We were away this weekend...a Staff Retreat with the Camp. It was a kid-free weekend in Parksville...the 5th annual - which in itself, just seems unreal. It was good but always tiring. Honestly, I went in with a poor attitude I would say. I came out of it with a slightly renewed sense of purpose. A better minds eye of the bigger picture. But did I mention I'm a bit tired?

I digress.

I returned home to find that BDO has posted minutes recently from their January 7 Board Meeting. It's odd. I remember checking their site each day in hopes of some sort of new, updated, encouraging information. And yet, up until today I can honestly say I can't recall the last time I checked it.

The news was exciting though. Check it out. It's great. What a way to end a weekend and look ahead to the upcoming week.

You know what else is great?


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