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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grab A Kleenex...I'm Going To Give You Shivers

The family who shared this story has agreed to allow me to share it here. They were referred their son on January 14...he was 2 months old. I have seen his picture (he's a doll) and can tell you every word they share is truthful, encouraging, and inspiring for those of us who go through days of wondering "will it ever really be my turn?".

The name we had chosen for our son was always to be Gillis. It means "lamb". Throughout this
long wait and through the bankruptcy, it often appeared that we may never have our little lamb but we held tight to the son we knew in our spirit and in the promise that we believe God had made to us that we would someday have a son from Africa. When his referral pictures arrived, he was semi-wrapped in a green blanket in both of them. Embroidered on the blanket and directly over his head in the referral pictures was a little lamb. His close-up shot is just his face with the lamb prominently just above his little head.[...]

The moral of the story is that despite the delays and the hurdles, it always ends up that you are matched with the child that was meant to be yours. [...] Any international adopter will profess that this is true. The child who is meant to be yours is the child you will end up matched with. All the obstacles just lead you to your child. Someday you will be glad that things happened as they did because it all just leads you to the child that was meant for your family.


Natalie and Chris said...

What a truly amazing story. Thank you for sharing and providing me with even more hope that there is a reason for all we have and will go through to reach our son.

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

I guess that one baby really is out there for each of us. I can't wait until our 'one' is revealed...


Barbara said...

As one who's already completed one adoption I can confirm with absolute certainty that you receive the child you were meant to have. To me, the bankruptcy just means that my newest beloved needed an extra six months to get ready to join me on our journey.

Janice said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad you shared it.