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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Good, The Bad, And The Sort Of Ironically Funny

The Good
The Bad
  • I just found out this morning that our school is one of 12 in our district implicated in the new full-day kindergarten starting Sept 2010
  • while most families likely think this is great, I do not
  • Noah starts kindergarten this Sept and while you probably think I have rocks in my head for cringing in frustration at the thought of having full days with one less kid at home, I am here to tell you that this will result in one small boy pushing himself beyond what I feel will be healthy, because he is just such a pleaser and achiever. Instead of being thankful (? is that the right word) I am concerned for the well being of my child. Don't take that as over dramatic. It is what it is
  • it will take 2 full years to roll this out throughout our entire district and after looking in to it a bit, I am quite sure I will not ever change my opinion. I know, I know, never say never
The Sort Of Ironically Funny
  • a couple of months ago I was grabbing a few things from Wal-Mart at decided to throw my name in a box (draw) for a gift basket full of baby/toddler item. My rationale (as I never do stuff like this) is that a bit of hope wouldn't hurt and I never ever win these things anyway so why not use 5 seconds of my time to fill out a ballot
  • a phone call at 8am this morning proved me wrong
  • I won
  • thankyou friendly Wal-Mart people for lifting my spirits at the end of a very challenging week at home
  • I can honestly tell you I don't recall what is in the gift basket but it will be a cute reminder of the fact that one day, one day it will be our turn
  • if I were superstitious or something I might take it as a sign that we are just that much closer than I believe. But, I am not superstitious
  • was a great way to start a Friday


Lola said...

ugh, I agree the kindergarten thing. That's too bad.

Niki said...

Agreeing on the kindergarten thing. I know parents who work are happy about it, but I am not. I think it is too long of a day for this age.

Still have yet to find out where our school is on the list for moving to full day, but hoping it is not this fall as that is when Makenna starts. I would seriously consider picking her up at lunch if there is full day. Though I'm afraid she might not want to come home, because she is so social. I'll find out soon, as we register her next week.

Cristina Findlay said...

*sigh* I'm with you regarding the day long kindergarten. :o/ My Noah doesn't start until 2011, but I'm already dreading it now. It's just too long a day for these little guys! I'm sure the parents who both work and have their kids in daycare believe this is an ideal situation, but we're not those parents. Not sure what to think quite yet.