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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Soft Roll Out

The List is being - what I will call - softly rolled out.

Imagine is sharing which number we are in the list of all those requesting single referrals. The number doesn't indicate specifically when we will get The Call but it will at least give us an indication. We could receive It before those whose files arrived before ours or after, as well.

However, due to some technical difficulties they made it only to number 10 or so today. I am okay with that. Another day or two of waiting won't kill me (especially when I've jam packed our days) and it's not going to change the end result. We will know by Friday at the latest - barring any more unforeseen technical difficulties.

I'm excited to have a feel for when this will all happen.

They are working so hard and for that we are so grateful.

It's all becoming so real, isn't it?!

1 comment:

FTD said...

it IS all becoming real!
This must be so exciting for you to be able to receive - THIS week - a realistic 'when' :)