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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Best Guess

Due to several recent inquiries I am going to throw myself out there and take a wild guess. This is a very unprofessional shot in the dark. This is based on current observations and is subject to change at any moment. It's not set in stone and heck at this point, I wouldn't even write it in sand...

If I had to guess...and that's all it really would be...I would hover our timeline and The Call to take place around May. Could be longer. Could be shorter. Of course on a hope and a prayer I want to say sooner but I need to be realistic. And though you may call me pessimistic I am calling my timeframe pragmatic. If referrals seem to currently be averaging 20 months...

All that to say, sit tight and hold on to your hats people. It's gonna be awhile - but it'll be a wild ride when we get there.

1 comment:

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Kind of like a roller coaster - wild, crazy, scary and exciting all at the same time.

I think may is a great guess - but of course I hope soon too!!!