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Thursday, January 14, 2010

List Received**edited

...placement in line. Well, it's not so much a line as a wonky make up of overly excited (and rightly so!) PAPs. But I'll take it.

I don't feel that I need to share specifically. If you must know and you aren't a part of the Yahoo Group then pm me and I'd love to share.

I'll say this, it's better than we had anticipated. There are 201 files currently in Ethiopia. I think coming in just after the summer did us a favour as lot of people took off during the summer and files therefore weren't streaming into Ethiopia. That's my very personal, unprofessional opinion.

So now we wait and watch as the numbers dwindle and creep closer to ours. There's no real order to the list. We could be referred at the same time as August folk or October arrivals. Only God knows. Truly.

It's real though. It's real.

**...okay okay. I can't hold it in. Of the 201 files in Ethiopia we are number 51.

Yes, 51 people. Nearly the top quarter. And, I just found out about a referral today which puts us at "50" so yes we are in the top one fourth.

Thank you for that.


Sarah said...

Ahhhh, I'm dying to see where everyone is on the list but I can't access yahoo OR my home email from work (school.) I'm so glad that you were closer than you thought!

I am kind of dreading seeing my number. I'm guessing maybe 260? Yikes!

Sarah said...

That is so very exciting. So happy for you!

Chad, Laura and Sara said...

Whoohoo - just so amazing isn't it. I can barely stand it...the waiting waiting waiting. It will all be so worth it!!!

Cheer to 50!!!!


Dana said...

Thanks for sharing the #...50 doesn't seem that far away!!!

Natalie and Chris said...

#50 now, 2 referrals in the last few days. 50 how great is that. Congratulation. So excited that you are in the first quarter, I can't wait for all our numbers to go down and down and down until we bring our little ones home.

shannon said...

Soooooooo exciting
It really is real,
Still trying to pull myself down off the ceiling what a great great day
Sleep well
Shannon aka#60

Ashleigh, Ben, Noah and Tait said...

actually 49..51-2 = 49 :)
Not that I'm keeping track or anything...

Sharla said...

That is so close! Really any number in the top 100 could very well mean a referral this year so you could have a referral by summer perhaps or who knows? Well God knows and that's what really matters so all in His time. But I do think that 51 is a great place to start.

emily and mike said...


That is unbelievable! I'm so happy for you. 51/50 sounds like an excellent number.

Barbara said...

Hah! I was about to pipe in and say that you missed one, and were now #49, but I see you caught that one. We will not be travelling together...

#165 rules

Janice said...

Top 50!! I heard that used on another blog and it made me smile. I know the list doesn't refer to the order that referrals are given out but it was good to get a number anyway.

Janice (we were #7).