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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Over $20,000 Raised For Doctors Without Borders!

As mentioned the other day, I planned to make one of our donations to Haiti via this Etsy Craft Hope site. So, last night I popped on over to purchase The Quilt Pattern. And while there, these caught my eye. What's a girl to do when a (second) pattern catches her eye...a pattern for sweet Mary Janes at that!

Well, she's just got to purchase it of course.

And both patterns were sitting in my inbox this morning. I love getting mail. Especially the kind where I don't have to bundle the kids up to drive to the post office and open our box. (I told you, we live rural.)

The Mary Janes originate from here. (And there's a whole host of other make-it-yourself patterns. Plus, her online store can be summed up with one word: Fabulous.)

The quilt originates here.

So, here I am with two sweet, sweet patterns, (the Mary Jane pattern offers sizes from 0-3mths up to 18mths, so we are set people) and a bit of time on my hands alone today. Plus, I do have a bunch of fabric from all the random thrift store runs, she has been teaching me to take.

Sounds like a recipe for a great day, don't you think? (I'll post my results some time down the road when they're could take awhile.)

Oh - and this Etsy Craft Site that I think rocks? They've raised over $20,000 for Doctors Without Borders serving in Haiti.

Seriously, head over and check out their stuff. The site is added to daily and the rotation and selection is incredible. It's not just patterns either.

All quality.

All handmade.

All benefitting Haiti.

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