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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanks For That, ABC

You may have heard of, or even seen by now, ABC's newest creation of a show "Find My Family", which aired/premiered last night. Created by the producers of Extreme Home Makeover, from what I hear they've gone to about the same extremes. (And if you've seen the latter you'll know that too much of a good thing is in no way, good.)

The show focuses on birth families and their search for the children they never knew, who were adopted out in what I would guess to be closed adoptions. They don't address the years of worth and love offered to the adopted children by their families.
For years, the adoptive community has sought to rectify the past vilification of birth-parents as people who gave away their children. Birth parents are now widely recognized as the First Parents of children, deserving of love, respect, and understanding. It is in no one's best interest to turn the tables and begin to portray adoptive families as second-class, or less-than' a family created biologically. This new series is a step back for everyone.

I won't go in to it too much, as I've honestly not watched it. Nor will I give it the time of day watch it. My time is far too valuable to be wasted in anguish. And that's not my belief that I am "too good" for anything, it's just the reality of the fact that there are children without anything, who are starving and my time is far better spent working to do good for them. If this series anything like the glorified episodes of Extreme Makeover I'd likely leave angry. It's hurtful and damaging to the adopted child and a tragic reflection of Hollywood's negative impact on our society. Don't take it at face value...or like me (and many many other adoptive or pre-adoptive parents, just don't watch it).
Unfortunately, the general public's opinion and understanding of adoption is largely shaped by the media. ABC's exploitive new series will focus on the most extreme issues in adoption, and is sure to have an effect on how our children's teachers, extended family, and friends view and accept adoption.

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