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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Take That You Salamander!!

After 3 sessions in swim lessons, with the promise of goggles if the pending end result was a pass into Sunfish, he finally did it. He passed the Salamander swim level.

At the end of each month long session, there was a promised reward of ice cream. Simply for the effort put forth, (and there was a lot of effort put forth) there would be a small token of "A for effort kiddo"at the end. But the big dream upon achieving a "pass," was and always has been the promise of goggles.

So, as they exited the pool yesterday and Noah looked way up at his instructor with sweet, sincere eyes as only this kid has, he asked "do I get goggles?". His instructor looked at him as though he had rapidly grown a third eye.

"Don't worry about it" I said, as I whipped the report card out of the life guard's hand. (He was only holding the fate our how the remainder of our afternoon/evening would unfold.)

One quick peek at the "register in" line at the bottom of the written feedback and a grin swept over my face. SUNFISH. Finally, after 2 previous experiences of looking at "register in Salamander", this was the perfect ending to a soggy day. This was the ticket to his first pair of goggles.

Happy swimming little fish. I am so proud of you.

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FTD said...

Yippee! Congratulations, Noah!!