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Friday, November 6, 2009


I'm getting antsi.

Ok there you have it.

I'm still being patient but with perhaps a tad more edge.

You see, the new retainers were supposed to be out the week of October 19, then it was the week of October 26. And in no uncertain way do I want to have this thing rushed. It's huge. It's the first step (well actually about the fiftieth step) to the rest of our journey. But another unknown wait is really really tough.

And I'm antsi.

So, against my better judgment yesterday I emailed our agency. I say against my better judgment because I know they have about a quadrillion (yes, that many) things better and more constructive to do with their time than to answer this Mama's simple, impatient question.

I digress.

I filled the email with thanks, praise, and encouragement, then shared my concern/question.

When could we expect the new Retainer Agreement?

The reply...

It is still in it's final stages of being drafted.

And for me, right now this is enough. Simply put, it has to be. And, if in a moment of peace and rational reflection I contemplate the plethora of other directions this bankruptcy could have taken, I am content. The waste of energy expended on any other emotion would be just that: a waste.

While the distance is long. The time is great. The effort is incredible. The ending, our ending will be a happy one.

It's just gonna take a little longer.

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